Thursday, June 25, 2009

So Much..


...maybe too much has happened since I posted last. Changes not only with Drew, but the rest of my family as well. I'm not even sure where to start. I suppose that's what happens when you procrastinate for so long. I'll try to break it down into manageable parts and to keep it brief (please keep in mind that "brief" for me is a very relative term).

What Drew can do..

Drew is still using army crawling as his main means of transport. Why change something that works so well? If he can scoot away from diaper changes and medicine time and catch the cat, then why rock the boat? He does still get up on all fours - because he knows everyone will cheer when he does. Such the ham my little Drew is. His secondary means of transport is the butt-scoot (or should I have said "hiney"? oops) He has finally learned to push himself up into a sit - yay! Once there he will scoot backwards on his bottom all over the place - it is absolutely hilarious! He looks like a dog itching his behind except he goes backwards. This worries me a little because he doesn't look where he is going and there have been some accidents, but I guess bumps and bruises are just part of growing up. He also learned to pull up onto furniture into a stand. All by himself! Of course he fell a couple times and now he won't do it anymore.

Drew's other new accomplishment is stacking two blocks. This may not sound like much but trust me when I tell you this is HUGE! I'm such a proud mama! Some very good news is that Drew's GI doc is pleased with his eating progress (drinking is still slow but progressing) and has cut back on the "tube-food". She also discontinued his Reglan (the drug he was taking to help empty his stomach) - and so far he is doing great. Last, but certainly not least, Drew has his first word! His first word is "bubba" which is what we call his big brother. "Bubba" is quite pleased of course and hasn't stopped gloating yet.

Drew has also had a number of other firsts these past 2 months - sadly I cannot post pictures as a freak accident with a digital picture key-chain has COMPLETELY fried my laptop and all the new pics I was fiddling with at the time. The "geek squad" is currently attempting to retrieve said pics but no promises. Yes, I know I should save to a back-up device before fiddling. Trust me, I won't forget again.

Other news.....

My parents are moving to Alaska :( Unfortunately that is the only place my father could find a job worthy of him. I have never lived more than 5 minutes away from them so I am having a tough time with this. My husband Paul left for his military welding/sheet metal school in Virginia on May 4th. He is doing very well and getting good grades. Of course. I miss him very much :( About a month before he left we found out...

... I'm pregnant. Almost 19 weeks now. No, it wasn't planned. I was not very pleased at first - of course the throwing up all day long every day didn't help with that - but I am in a pretty good place now and even starting to enjoy it, although I am a bit lonely. I still worry about how I will handle an infant and a toddler and a teenager too, especially since Drew still needs the feeding tube, therapy, doctor visits etc. but I know that lots of others have navigated these waters and lived to tell, so I have faith that I can too.

What if this baby has Down syndrome too? you ask. What if it does? I know now that it's not the end of the world - its the beginning of one. Not to say that I'm not hoping for a little bundle with your typical number of chromosomes. I admit I am. The health nightmares that Drew has had to face and the obstacles he will have to face later in life are not something I would choose for my child. Mostly I just hope that this baby is healthy no matter how many chromosomes. Oh and it would be nice if it could be a girl this time! :)